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Mar 2018 Free tracks download


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18.3.18 at 12pm.


Feb 2018 New music video out soon! Watch teaser below.

Feb 2018

Orisa Music: DONATING PROCEEDS from song to CHILDREN's HOME in Kingston, Jamaica.


'Neglecting a Child' song.

Single launch: 18.4.18

About the song: I wrote this song when I was in Jamaica, I was at my friend Mikey General's house. In the night I was sitting in the front yard and it came to me. I started writing the lyrics right then and there. There is so much child neglect across nations and we need to pay more focus to the children because they are the ones who are going to look after this world after us. They need to grow up to be caring and responsible.

Behind the scenes: Shooting the music video. Me and Niki from #WoolfeVision came together to do this video. We had a lot of meetings where we visualised what we wanted in the video. We put our heads together and it was a great success.

Visiting 'Glenhope Nursery': Mikey General and I visited the children's home in Jamaica, he often sponsors them and wanted me to visit them. We asked the staff if we could go and visit the babies, it was heart breaking. I held a baby and the baby didn't want to leave me. - it was so hard. No mother, no father. This child was all alone. Read more about the nursery here

Orisa Music is donating a percentage of all proceeds sales from the single launch to the Glenhope Nursery.


Watch the teaser


Looking for charities / sponsors to support the project.


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Oct 2017 Finishing recording album 'MELANIN' in Jamaica with Skatta

Recording album in Jamaica, working on album cover art. Above is a glimpse of what's to come...


"Recording with Trevor Bonnick aka Skatta is a person who likes to get it right, he was very patient with me and he made sure I got the right note. He is always encouraging me to rehearse the song well before recording it. He is a perfectionist with loads of experience. He's a great singer and musician too. Skatta has brought out my voice in a whole new way. " Ifatunde Orunmila


Link to record producer




FEB 2018 New Music video out soon!

Watch 'Neglecting a Child' teaser

OCT 2017 Recording album 'MELANIN' in Jamaica